“Back to the ranch was a great time in a great atmosphere with great people.  I don’t know what you can add to make it better other than me coming home with a medal this year!”-Jason

“Back to the ranch was an amazing event. It was ran so smoothly, each WOD was set up by the ranch staff and ready to go immediately. Everyone knew when they were WODing and where they needed to be. It doesnt matter how long you’ve been CrossFitting or how hard core you are….you can particiapte in this event! I had 2 teams from my box who all were new to CrossFit and they all had a great time and are looking forward to this year’s event!”-Ashley 

“Back at the Ranch 2011 was a BLAST! The event was well-planned, the WODs were fun and challenging, and athletes of all levels from our box were able to come out and get a great feel for the supportive competition atmosphere that CrossFitters know and love. We can’t wait to come back and see what’s new for 2012!”-Terri